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Crew Photograph Appeal
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Linking to this site

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Crew Photograph Appeal

If you have any photographs of the following 617 squadron crew members who flew on the dambusters raid, I would appreciate it if you could send them to me. These photographs will be used to complete the crew details section of this website. I will of course give full credit to you for the photograph(s).

  • Sergeant  John W Minchin (AJ-M)
  • Pilot Officer  Anthony Fisher Burcher (RAAF) (AJ-M)

  • Pilot Officer  Ivan Whittaker (AJ-P)
  • Pilot Officer  Bertie Towner Foxlee (RAAF) (AJ-P)

  • Sergeant  David Taylor Horsfall (AJ-A)
  • Sergeant  Lawrence William Nichols (AJ-A)
  • Sergeant  Gordon Arthur Yeo (AJ-A)
  • Sergeant  Wilfred Ibbotson (AJ-A)

  • Sergeant  Vivian Nicholson (AJ-J)
  • Pilot Officer  John Fort (AJ-J)
  • Sergeant  William Hatton (AJ-J)
  • Sergeant  Anthony Joseph Stone (AJ-J)
  • Sergeant  Victor Hill (AJ-J)
  • Sergeant  Harold Thomas Simmonds (AJ-J)

  • Pilot Officer  Michael John David Fuller (AJ-Z)
  • Sergeant  John Marriott (AJ-Z)

  • Flying Officer  Daniel Revie Walker (RCAF) (AJ-L)
  • Sergeant  Robert Jack Henderson (AJ-L)
  • Flying Officer  Brian Goodale (AJ-L)
  • Sergeant  Brian Jagger (AJ-L)
  • Flying Officer  Jack Buckley (AJ-L)

  • Flying Officer  Donald Hopkinson (AJ-B)
  • Sergeant  John Kinnear (AJ-B)
  • Sergeant  Richard Bolitho (AJ-B)

  • Flying Officer  Arthur MacLean (RCAF) (AJ-T)
  • Sergeant  William Radcliffe (AJ-T)
  • Flight Sergeant  Leonard Eaton (AJ-T)
  • Sergeant  Ronald Batson (AJ-T)
  • Flying Officer  David Rodger (RCAF) (AJ-T)

  • Flying Officer  Phillip Sidney Burgess (AJ-E)
  • Pilot Officer  Alan Gillespie (AJ-E)
  • Pilot Officer  Samuel Leslie Whillis (AJ-E)
  • Flying Officer  Charles Rowland Williams (RCAF) (AJ-E)
  • Sergeant  Jack Robert George Liddell (AJ-E)

  • Flying Officer  Grant Rumbles (AJ-W)

  • Pilot Officer  Arthur Neville Whittaker (AJ-K)
  • Sergeant  Alistair James Taylor (AJ-K)
  • Sergeant  John Wilkinson (AJ-K)
  • Sergeant  Charles McAllister Jarvie (AJ-K)

  • Flying Officer  Richard MacFarlane (AJ-H)
  • Warrant Officer  John William Thrasher (RCAF) (AJ-H)
  • Sergeant  Edward Clarence Smith (AJ-H)
  • Warrant Officer  Chester Bruce Gowrie (RCAF) (AJ-H)
  • Sergeant  Thomas W Maynard (AJ-H)
  • Sergeant  Stephen Burns (AJ-H)

  • Flying Officer  Jack Kenneth Barrett (AJ-C)
  • Flight Sergeant  Thomas Barr Johnston (AJ-C)
  • Sergeant  Ronald Marsden (AJ-C)
  • Sergeant  Harry John Strange (AJ-C)

  • Sergeant  Thomas Jaye (AJ-S)
  • Sergeant  Guy Pegler (AJ-S)
  • Pilot Officer  Leonard George Weller (AJ-S)
  • Sergeant  William Charles Arthur Long (AJ-S)

  • Sergeant  Stefan Oancia (RCAF) (AJ-F)
  • Sergeant  Harry J Hewstone (AJ-F)
  • Sergeant  Daniel Allatson (AJ-F)
  • Flight Sergeant  Grant S MacDonald (RCAF) (AJ-F)

  • Flight Sergeant  William Clifford Townsend (AJ-O)
  • Pilot Officer  Cecil Lancelot Howard (RAAF) (AJ-O)
  • Sergeant  Charles Ernest Franklin (AJ-O)
  • Sergeant  Dennis John Dean Powell (AJ-O)
  • Sergeant  Raymond Wilkinson (AJ-O)

  • Flight Sergeant  Cyril Thorpe Anderson (AJ-Y)
  • Sergeant  John Gilbert Green (AJ-Y)
  • Sergeant  Robert Campbell Patterson (AJ-Y)
  • Sergeant  William Douglas Bickle (AJ-Y)
  • Sergeant  Eric Ewan (AJ-Y)
  • Sergeant  Arthur William Buck (AJ-Y)

Or any of the crew members in this section

Please send them to the following email address: info@thedambusters.org.uk

Thank you for your help.


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