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Roy Chadwick CBE

1893 - 1947

Roy Chadwick, CBE
Roy Chadwick, CBE

Roy Chadwick was born on April 30th 1893 at Marsh Hall Farm, Farnworth.

In 1911 he joined A.V. Roe & Company (AVRO) after Alliott Verdon Roe interviewed Chadwick himself and was so impressed he hired him immediately. Chadwick became assistant to A.V. Roe himself before becoming chief designer at AVRO in 1918.

He was considered as one of the worlds greatest designers with aircraft such as the AVRO; 504 Baby, Anson, Lancaster, Lincoln, Tudor, York, Shackledon and later the AVRO 698 which became known as the Vulcan which had revolutionary delta wing design (used in Concorde) and was a front line aircraft for the RAF for over 30 years.

In 1943 Chadwick was awarded the CBE for his role in the Dambusters raid; the production of the Lancaster and the special modifications which allowed Upkeep to be delivered to Germany. He was also made a honorary Master of Science at Manchester University in 1944.

Chadwick tragically died on August 23rd 1947 during a test flight of his latest aircraft the AVRO Tudor II. The aircraft crashed after losing control soon after takeoff. The crash was caused because the aileron controls had been assembled incorrectly during an overnight servicing.

Roy Chadwick was rightly considered one of the worlds greatest designers and is now considered one of the greatest of the 20th Century. His whole life was centered around aircraft which he lived and literally died for. There is no doubt that had he lived, he would have continued to be one of the greatest designers. As it is his legacy lives on long after his death. The AVRO 698 or Vulcan with revolutionary delta wing design was years ahead of its time when Chadwick designed it and as mentioned before served as one of the RAF's front line aircraft of over 30 years. It was part of Britain's three pronged nuclear deterrent V-Force of the 1950's and 60's. It was finally phased out in 1984 being replaced by the all weather Panavia Tornado fighter bomber.

AVRO Vulcan
AVRO Vulcan

Chadwick's greatest hope was that the aeroplane would unite the people of the world.

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