AJ-G THE DAMBUSTERS  (617 Squadron)


On the night of 16th/17th May 1943, 19 specially modified Lancaster bombers of 617 squadron took of from R.A.F Scampton to carry out Operation Chastise, the attack of the dams in Germany's Ruhr valley.

An attack which would make history and lead to 617 squadron becoming known as


The Dambusters

Operation Chastise: The Dambusters' Story


  • 09/06/07 - Google Earth .KMZ files for Mohne, Eder & Sorpe locations.
  • 09/06/07 - LInks to location of all dams on Google Maps, see Dams page.
  • 26/05/07 - Updated information & pictures of the secondary dams (Lister, Ennepe, Diemel).
  • 26/05/07 - Added MacLean, Radcliffe, Eaton & Batson crew photographs (AJ-T crew).

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